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Designing department



Company executes designing works for all kinds of gas pipelines:

Integrated turnkey solutions for natural gas supply of residential, production, public buildings and townships.

Gasification projects for all types of equipment working on natural gas or liquefied propane gas fuel.

Selection of heating equipment; elaboration of solutions for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and heating mechanical parts of boiler-houses (incl. infrastructure) for all types and categories of buildings.

Receiving of all necessary approvements and permissions in all respective institutions.

Designing department news

Our ambitious designing projects over the last years


JSC „Conexus Baltic Grid”

"Reconstruction of the UGP branch to GRS Zaķumuiža and the connection node at UGP Riga-Inčukalnas UGS I line and at UGP Riga-Inčukalnas UGS II line""

2021 year

JSC „Conexus Baltic Grid”

"The branch of the transmission gas pipeline to GRS Ezerciems together with the connectionnodes at the transmission gas pipeline Pskov - Riga and Izborsk - Inčukalns UGS reconstruction and construction of an access road"

2020 year


A/s Latvijas Gāze

Capital repairs for underwater passes over Gauja river of Pskov-Riga and Izborsk-Inchukalns gas pipelines”

2014-th year

Pomorska Spółka Gazownictwa sp. z o.o. (Gdańsk)

Construction of high-pressure gas pipeline DN500 section Kolnik-Gdansk, L= 4,5 km

2012-th – 2013-th years


Design department news:

The 2010th - 2011th year

A/s Latvijas Gāze

1. Gas supply network engineering perspective development scheme development site Babite county,Babites parish, village "Lapsas". Customer A / S "Latvian Gas"

2. Project the average pressure (P < 4bar) the distribution gas pipelines and supply Laivu and Jomas streets, Carnikava, Carnikava district development.

Customer A / S "Latvian Gas" 3. Project the average pressure (P < 100mbar) sharing gas lines and actuators Kracu, Cidoniju and Darzinu Street neighborhood, Darzini development in Riga. Customer A / S "Latvian Gas"

4. Project the average pressure (P < 4bar) sharing gas lines and actuators Palasta Street, Cesis, the Cesis district development. Customer A / S "Latvian Gas"

5. Project the average pressure (P < 4bar) sharing gas lines and actuators Kuldigas Street 7, Rezekne development. Customer A / S "Latvian Gas"

6. Project the average pressure (P < 4bar) sharing gas lines and actuators Kartupelu Street, Ziepniekkalns, Riga development. Customer A / S "Latvian Gas"

April - May 2010

Pomorska Spółka Gazownictwa sp. z o.o. (Gdańsk)

1. Designing works for construction of the receiving enclosure knot for scrubbing smart pistons at the Riga-Paneveza gas pileline in Stopini region is complete.

2. A collaboration agreement with JSC „Latvijas Gaze” is concluded for design development and construction works of gas external and internal pipelines for individual dwelling houses in the Latgale outskirts area of Riga city as well as Garkalne, Stopini, Sigulda and Cesis regions.

3. Participation in a closed tender for designing of emergency reserve fuel base for the production site of JSC„Liepajas metalurgs”.

4. Participation in masterplanning as consultants in territory gas infrastructure development questions for projects in Dreilini and Kipsala ares of Riga as well as Jurmala city.

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