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·  There are no vacancies available at this time.




·     Our company offers wide range of PE and steel pipes and pipe fittings
We provide pipes at the range from DN25 (DN33, 7) to DN1200 (DN1220). Pipes for special requirements are also available.

·     Pipe fittings offered (elbows, ball valve, saddle, transitional, blind flanges, etc.) are of various dimensions according to the EN, DIN or ASTM standards from the EU based suppliers.

·     Anti-corrosion insulation of steel pipes for different requirements is available.

   RUMBA Ltd. provides materials from the largest manufacturers in EU - Salzgitter MANNESMANN (Germany), GEORG FISCHER (Switzerland), Seal for Life Industries BVBA (BERRY PLASTICS, Belgium), Bender-FERNDORF (Germany), Ferri SA (Poland), Lough FITTINGS (Austria), BERGROHR (Germany) and others.

   Sales contact:
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     Or by phone: (+371) 67844966








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