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Test laboratory

  Test laboratory works according with the standard LVS EN ISO/IEC 17025. The quality of our laboratory is certified by Latvia National Accreditation bureau (LATAK), ensuring accredited laboratory status with the id. nr: LATAK-T-180.

  All the testing methods used by the specialists of the laboratory are valid and internationally approved. According to requirements of the Client, we apply testing methods acknowledged in Europe (CEN and ISO standards), Russia or CIS (GOST standards) standards.

   Specialists of the laboratory are certified according to the LVS EN 473 standard requirements. They have great work experience in testing of pipelines, storage reservoirs for dangerous substances, gas equipment, hardware and metal constructions, welded joints using both - non-destructive and destructive testing methods.

  Methods used by the laboratory: radiography, ultrasound, magnetic, visual, bend and tension.


Specialist training project in the field of metalworking

Company SIA ZRF "RUMBA" is taking part in the specialist training project in the field of metalworking (project nr L-APA-10-0027) implemented by the societies "Engineering and Metalworking Association" (MASOC) and "Investment and Development Agency of Latvia" (LIAA).The project is co financed by the European Social Fund.

In the framework of the project most of our employees will be trained. This training will allow them to rise to higher levels their professional standards and improve skills in technical spheres.

Metālapstrādes nozares speciālistu apmācības projekts









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