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   Ltd. scientific production company (SPC) Rumba has been established in 1988 as cooperative, dealing with designing and construction of gas supply infrastructure. During it’s development company has designed, constructed and ensured with technological equipment and materials engineering systems of different objects in Latvian rural and urban areas.


·  2013

Specialist training project in the field of metalworking

Company SIA ZRF "RUMBA" is taking part in the specialist training project in the field of metalworking (project nr L-APA-10-0027) implemented by the societies "Engineering and Metalworking Association" (MASOC) and "Investment and Development Agency of Latvia" (LIAA).The project is co financed by the European Social Fund.

In the framework of the project most of our employees will be trained. This training will allow them to rise to higher levels their professional standards and improve skills in technical spheres.

Metālapstrādes nozares speciālistu apmācības projekts


·  2008 September

SPC RUMBA LTD – 20 years!

    In September 2008 our company celebrated it’s 20’s anniversary. Employees as well as friends and partners not only from the Latvia, but also from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland and other countries took part in the celebration. The events was also visited by the JSC “Latvian Gas” chairman Mr.Adrian Davis.

Sport activities:

    2010/2011 “Rumba” triumphs DAL after a two-year break!

   DAL regular season ended. After a two year break champion throne again returned to “Rumba” basketball players.

Before the decisive game there were many spoke against the current champions. Recent seasons have appeared in a tradition that in crucial games (the final, than 3., 5, and 7th place) wins the visiting team. Over the past two plays all the finals this season and battle for the bronze medals out of 13 matches, only one (!) won the field owners. The most important factor that reduced the “Latvian Gas’ chances of winning, there were two key players missing. Back injury forced to stay at the edge of Normund Feierberg. After his superb performance in the second game, it was a huge loss. At least the problem was playing coaches, Oscar Smith absence from the match due to high temperature. Agree that the gaps pretty thoroughly. “Rumba” put off all season in the second half of the remaining players, who brought the team through the play-off sieve.

  “Latvian Gas” in the first part of this game looked very solid in the absence of two of its leaders. At first breakthrough in 14:0 (the result of 14:4), then position the lead with 22:14, 28:20, 31:24, 35:27, but then the show began in the second act, the team suddenly reversed roles. The second half at the beginning of “hub” started with aggressive coverage throughout the area. “Gasmens” as it broke the rhythm that they lost the ball on a flat spot. More than a minute they were not even across the center. Home team performance was followed by a genuine error of the ball, the “Rumba” with speed and half fast attacks turned into easy points. Oscar Smith two outs did not give the expected result. Did not find any player who pull team. Third and fourth quarters at the end of the beginning of “hub” of 40:41 was reached 58:43.At this point, the fate of the battle was resolved. It was evident that the “gas” command output has gone low, while the “Hub” team flew in space. Maybe the game the end result really does not reflect the course of battle (69:50). However, the visitors won again, extending the DAL Finals interesting statistics – guests have won the last seven finals in a row.

  “Rumba” has become a seven-fold DAL champions. Since 2002. On the first season the team won our league team’s composition has changed considerably. Profound changes took place before this season. All these years together with a team had three husbands. Victor Pilkevich, team boss John Odins Samohins and Sergey, who both play-off matches did not, but she definitely čempiontitulu ieskaitīsim bill. All of the above trio can boast of seven DAL championtitle. Teams playing coaches, Edgar Surak fifth title. Interestingly, Arthur Piļkevic participated in the first and seventh championtitle struggle.

DAL third playoff

Latvian Gas – Rumba 50:69 (14:10, 17:17, 12:24, 7:17), series 1-2    26.05.2011., “Latvian Gas’ hall. Judges: A.Aunkrogers, I.Baumanis.

LG R.Kalniņš 12, R.Eglītis 10, J.Patmalnieks 10, An.Veinbergs 6, A.Pogiņš 5, A.Svirido 4, R.Miķelsons 2, E.Lapsalis 1, O.Kalniņš.

Rumba: G.Strāķis 16, A.Piļkēvičs 13, N.Miezis 11, M.Rozenbergs 8, M.Zemturis 8, A.Strāķis 6, K.Alles fourthE.Suraks 3, Dž.Brooks.

·  2009 May
    Ltd. “RUMBA” basketball team won the third place in “DAL” Latvian League competition. It shall be noted Rumba has got the league’s champion status for six times, this year the team has to accept the third place. There are company employees participating in the team managed by active team member and business manager - the chairman of the board Mr. Viktors Pilkevics bow.

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