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Construction department news:

2014-th year


Capital repairs for underwater passes over Gauja river of Pskov-Riga and Izborsk-Inchukalns gas pipelines

Client: A/s Latvijas Gāze


2012-th – 2013-th years


1. Construction of high-pressure gas pipeline DN500 section Kolnik-Gdansk, L= 4,5 km

Client: Pomorska Spółka Gazownictwa sp. z o.o. (Gdańsk)


2. Construction of high-pressure gas pipeline DN700 section Gustorzyn-Odolanów Phase I-II, L= 20 km, DN700 / L485MB



3. Assembly joints and laying DN 700 section Szczecin – Lwowek 1- 40 km, DN700 / L485MB



The 2011th year

1. Installation of oil product pipeline in Ventspils (Latvia), and reservoir park, L=5,0 km    Client: A/s Ventspils Nafta (Latvia)

2. Transmission pipeline Riga - PGK 2 - the line segment with the replacement of defective casing under the railroad Inčukalns region. Client: A / S "Latvian Gas." Responsible works manager: V.Gasparovičs

3. GRP 90/1 and GRP 90/2 inlet and outlet valve assemblies Demolition and construction of a new valve assemblies Strautu street 108th. Client: A / S "Latvian Gas." Responsible works manager: R.Boiko


November 2010

Using a PE pipes in a Project „Daugava river underwater crossing by HDD method”

For the mud transfer from pipe site to rig site a mud transfer pipeline is required. For this purpose a HDPE pipe OD 200, SDR 11 has to be installed in one of the existing steel pipes DN 500. This preparation has to be ready, before the pilot drilling is completed. During reaming the drilling fluid, which emanates from the HDD hole at the exit point will be pumped via this HDPE pipeline back to the rig site where it is recycled and can be used again.

The DN 700 steel pipe string has to be prepared in the extention of the HDD. There is only approx. 1000m length available between the exit point and the main street. As such it is not possible to prepare the complete steel pipe string in one single length but two strings have to be prepared. Therefore it will be necessary to stop the HDD pullback installation for a so called “golden joint”. To reduce the stop time for the HDD the welding procedure has to be prepared as easy as possible. It is therefore necessary to make the golden joint not in the area of the overbend construction.. The overbend is approx. 200m long. The string length should therefore be 800m (1000m -200m) for string no. 2 and 710m for string no. 1. A large difference in length and a preparation as far as possible behind the exit point is an advantage, because in this case, the pulling can be continued during coating works.

This helps to reduce the risk involved in the interruption. Both strings have to be pressure tested and coated. Then a HDPE pipe OD 110mm SDR 11 has to be pulled into the steel pipes. This HDPE pipe will be used as filling line for the buoyancy control. On the front end of the steel pipe string 1, the pulling head has to be welded.

April - May 2010

1. Renovation works have been started on the 10th of May at the project „Daugava river underwater crossing with main gas pipeline Riga-Paneveza with DN700mm ”.

2. Replacement of rotary operated valve knots 2P and 3P of the IPGK (Incukalna underground gas storage facility) exploitation area in the gas collection point No. 2 (GSP-2) have been commenced in April.

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