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  • About the company

       Ltd. scientific production company (SPC) „Rumba” has been established in 1988 as cooperative, dealing with designing and construction of gas supply infrastructure. During it’s development company has designed, constructed and ensured with technological equipment and materials engineering systems of different objects in Latvian rural and urban areas, including:

  • gas supply schemes for rural villages and towns in Latvia;
  • low, medium and high pressure distribution gas pipelines, leads and gas regulation nodes (GRN), internal gas pipelines infrastructure construction;
  • main intercity gas-lines, main leads of gas pipelines and gas regulation stations (GRS);
  • biogas collection and usage systems at the waste landfills (dumps) in Getliņi and Ventspils district as well as other areas of Latvia;
  • participation in modernization of Inčukalns underground gas storage (UGS);
  • elaboration of technological junctions of oil product terminals and distribution centres, construction of pumping stations and oil pipeline infrastructure;
  • installation of liquefied propane gas (LPG) storages as well as construction of evaporator systems for gas supply infrastructure objects of different scale and importance;
  • The company has developed certified laboratory for physical control (X-ray) of welded joints of gas steel pipelines;
  • Introduced in Latvia new thechnologies in polimer gas pipeline welding and quality control;
  • Developed administration and production base in Stopiņu parish, Riga district;
  • certified its activity in ISO system (9000i and 14000i).

       There are around 100 employees in the company. Staff qualification is confirmed with appropriate certificates necessary for work, and company is licensed in Construction Merchant Register of Latvian with the Id. nr.: 3565-R. Rumba Ltd. is keeping it’s ISO system certification in force annually. All the employees permanently improve their qualification, attending different educational end qualification improvement courses on regular basis in JSC „Latvijas gāze” training centre and in other Latvian and foreign companies as well as passing necessary exams.. Company is the official distributor for elements of gas infrastructure systems and components produced by high quality producers in Europe, such as ……..(„Mannesmann”, „Viessmann”.......).

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